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JD & Partners is a trusted and award winning interior design & renovation firm in Singapore. Our team has decades’ worth of experience in creating personalized spaces for clients. We create environments that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but are also an absolute joy to be used. Every bit of space and detail is an opportunity, for us to tell your story and celebrate who you are.

In the last 12 years alone, we have served more than 5,000 customers in Singapore.




We fully design, construct and equip a space’s users to operate it. Here is a sample of our services:

  • Space Planning
  • Interior design
  • Renovation solutions
  • Creating spaces that are perfect for its users
  • Cabling & testing work for LAN
  • Electrical power & lighting
  • Fire protection system, including smoke/heat detector, sprinkler, FM200
  • Split aircon unit, chill water system and ductwork to tap into AHU
  • Carpentry work
  • Computer raised floor
  • Ceiling and partition work
  • Glass & wooden doors
  • Fire rated wall system
  • Plumbing and sanitary works
  • CCTV & Door access security systems
  • P.A. System
  • Floor & Wall finishes – vinyl, linoleum, wall paper, emulsion paining
  • Furniture, ergonomic chairs, projectors, screens, digital TVs
  • Telephone PABX, IP Telephony, video conferencing equipment
  • Sever racks & patch panels
  • Pneumatic & Vacuum pipework
  • Compressors (for factories)
  • Mezzanine floor/platform
  • Window blinds, frosted film, solar film
  • Drawings & submissions to relevant authorities: URA, BCA, NEA, FSSD, MOM, LTA


All spaces are designed, but not all are designed well. Here are 5 things to look out for when choosing an interior designer:

What is their scope of expertise & experience?

All interior designers have proficiency at designing particular spaces or creating certain styles. By carefully studying their portfolio and consulting them, you can determine if the firm is the best fit for you.

What is the range of services provided?

Does your interior designer only help with consultation and conceptualisation? Or does the firm also carry out project management, working with you from start to finish in creating your dream space.

Are they invested in your space and you?

Most interior designers are capable of replicating ‘good’ designs. However, not all will listen to you and create unique spaces that are oozing with your personality while also retaining functionality.

Are you being billed by the hour or charged a flat fee package?

There is no clear right or wrong choice here. Instead, it depends on the size of your project and the degree of customisation required. Generally, if yours is smaller project, you should look at being billed by the hour as less consultation is required.

Do they have additional connections and opportunities?

Good interior designers have a network of contacts who they can rely on to help you access the right resources. Speak to your interior designer to find out more.





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