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JD & Partners is a unique, award-winning commercial design firm that services businesses all over Singapore. Our designers work collaboratively and strategically to deliver an office that personifies your brand, enriches your company culture and drives performance in your organisation. Our collaborative consultation aims to review your current workplace, develop an inspiring workplace strategy that reflects your brand, and deliver on time and budget with an exceptional standard of quality.

Our finely-honed procedures and systems are in place to manage and drive our project delivery as to ensure delivery time and standard of quality are met.From concept through to completion and beyond, we managed each project with care, building client-centric relationships that stand the test of time.


Over the past twenty years, we’ve delivered hundreds of unique office designs that changed the way thousands of people work every day.Whilst we have gained experience from our pool of clients, we do not have a one-size-fits-all procedure and we strive to understand the specifics of every project we undertake.


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“Best Commercial Interior Designs in Singapore”
Commercial Design

Workplace designs that empowers your people to be at their best, and instills confidence in your clients.

Space Planning

“People ignore design that ignores people”, our spaces delight your users as it was created for them.

Project Management

From conceptualisation to execution, let us journey together towards realising your dream space.



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